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Tommy Cathey Interviews & Press

Tommy’s music has been going global! First he was featured in Russia and now here is an interview with Tommy and review of “Stop Drop & Rock” by the great folks at "Via Nocturna" in Portugal from August 2018. Enjoy!

1. Hi Tommy! Thanks for your availability! After we talked concerning to Target album In Range here we are, again to talk about Stop Drop And Rock. This is your first complete solo album? When you decided to begin this adventure?

T.C.: I started this adventure about 2 years ago when I started writing songs for the CD. I just thought it was time to do this.

2. What did you try to reach in musical aspects with this collection of songs?

T.C.: I didn’t really have any musical aspects with this group of songs, I just wanted to write songs from my heart without any restrictions or expectations! 

3. All of these songs are completely new or did you pick some of your past as composer?

T.C.: All the songs are new songs with the exception of Makes Me Paranoid. I wrote this song about 20 years ago and thought it would make a good addition to the CD.

4. Stop Drop And Rock is a very diverse album. From where did you get the inspiration or the influences? This is clearly a Tommy Cathey album, a very own and personal album?

T.C.: The songs are very personal to me. I drew inspiration from my wife, life and love of the magic of music!  

6. As a Memphis native, naturally also a space to country music. I confess that surprises me a little, but it worked out very well.

T.C.: I included what I guess could be called a country song because I co-wrote it with a friend that is a country music artist and I liked it so much, I included it as a bonus track. But make no mistake, Stop Drop and Rock is a rock and roll CD!

7. How did you choose the musicians that played with you on the album?

T.C.: The Musicians on the CD are guys in my band at present and I got a fellow musician friend to play keyboards on it. I had complete faith that their interpretations of my songs would be exactly what was needed!

8. Concerning to your other projects, namely Target, any new?

T.C.: Right now I’ve started writing songs for another solo project. Doing Stop Drop and Rock scratched the itch and now I’m ready to go at it again!

9. Have you planned any tour to promote this album?

T.C.: No tours planned as of yet and just got the CD available on iTunes and Amazon Music!

10. Thanks! Do you want to leave a message or adding something else?

T.C.: I want to thank you for your interest and support for both Target and Stop Drop and Rock.






Tommy has a long career in rock and hard rock, and in this case our contact with the American musician comes through the hard rocker’s band “Target” where Jimi Jamison was the front man. Well, as for Tommy Cathey, at the end of all these years, the Memphis native musician threw himself into his first solo venture. And being a native of Memphis, the city had to be present in his music and this happens soon in the opening Jump And Shout! It’s  a song to remember with hints of the The Oak Ridge Boys, as well as in the bonus track, Measure Of A Man.

In the middle, Cathey is creating beautiful songs that pack on an acoustic guitar (Sweet Reunion or Two Hearts) or become electrifying (Maybe In Time); who seek the musicality of The Beatles (Times Are a Changin’) or the roughness of the Kinks (Makes Me Paranoid). And then a final reference to the sensuality of songs like the instrumental Shadows, Can't Live Without You or Fight The Good Fight, where a Pink Floyd vibe (although less progressive) is present.


It is therefore clear that Stop Drop And Rock is a personal album, which reflects Mr. Cathey and therefore, should not draw comparisons with his music from “Target” or even with hard rock. This is an old fashioned record, based on the 60s pop rock revivalist and at times, is intimate and introspective.

Jump And Shout, Maybe In Time, Shadows, Makes Me Paranoid, Fight The Good Fight, Measure Of A Man


**Tommy appeared on the "Memphis Made" radio show on 102.7 FM in Memphis on July 29th, 2018. Click the "play" button below to listen to the full interview or download it for FREE! Enjoy!**



**Tommy was an in-studio guest on "The Distorted Drive" radio show on JACK 100 FM in Dyersburg TN. on March 24th, 2018. Click the "play" button below to listen to the full interview or download it for FREE! Enjoy!**



**Here is a great interview of Tommy Cathey by Rowdy McGuire from the team at "Good Times Rock" about the much anticipated release of the "Target" album number 3 titled "In Range"! Click the link below to read the in-depth interview!**



**Tommy Cathey Interview At Ardent Studios!

September 8, 2017**



**Sitting Down With Tommy Cathey

September 1, 2017**


Q. After nearly fifty years of recording and performing with many of the world’s greatest bands and solo artists, what made you decide this is the time to record your first complete solo album?


T.C. -  I’ve always written songs, but over the past year to year and a half I began writing songs with the intention of them being something I might use for a solo project.  I’ve been a back-up musician for years and decided that now was the time to do my own music.


Q. When are you scheduled to begin recording the new material and when do you anticipate it will be ready for release?


T.C. - We start recording September 5, 2017 and hopefully will be ready for release in October or November.


Q. What inspirations have you drawn from in the writing of these new original songs?


T.C. - Inspiration for my songs basically came from my wife, life, love and faith, along with the love of the gift of music I’ve been given.  It’s a positive album and my hope is, after listening, that everyone will feel that positive, good feeling sensation of satisfaction we get, that music brings to our lives. Music is magic!!


Q. As a result of these inspirations, what themes will your listeners find woven throughout the music on this CD upon its release?

A. This record has songs of love, hope and positive re-enforcement of one’s inner being.  It is a good feeling album and it rocks pretty good!!

Q. You’re recording at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis where you have recorded with other artists countless times. Please share with us a little bit about why you selected Ardent and give us some insight into the overall recording and production process that is going into this CD.


T.C. - I selected Ardent Studios, first, because of my familiarity with the studio, My relationship with Ardent’s studio manager, Jody Stevens, drummer for Big Star, and my confidence in the quality of the final product. I am producing the record and I am using the guys from my band, Almost Famous, to do most of the tracks and background vocals.


Q. “Stop, Drop, & Rock” is a fantastic title! How did you settle on that as the name for the CD?


T.C. - The title came to me one day when I was in my car.  I thought it relayed what I wanted to say to people in an odd sort of way!! Ha!


Q.Once the CD is released what do you hope your fans will come away with the most from the listening experience?


T.C. - I just hope they appreciate the songs and musicianship and come away feeling positive after the listening experience!


Q. What is next on the horizon for Tommy Cathey?


T.C. - Living and loving life! Making music with my friends, Scott, Buddy and Bill of Almost Famous.


Q. Finally, when can people begin placing orders for “Stop, Drop, & Rock”?


T.C. - Right now! I am accepting pre-orders for the CD on my website Everyone who places a “pre-order” for the CD will receive a 10% discount for every CD they purchase and their order will receive priority fulfillment when it is ready for shipping.

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